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Why Choose Us ?

As social creatures, we want people to pay attention to us for the right reasons. We want to feel good, look good and smell good.  That’s why we slather our skin with body care products, cover our face with cosmetics and envelop ourselves in fragrances so that we are constantly looking and smelling our best. But do you know, many of these products contain chemicals and synthetic ingredients that do more harm than good to our body?  It is important to know what goes into the skin and body care products that we use and to ensure they are truly good for us. Enter the Fresh Formulae range, which contains natural ingredients such as peppermint, essential oil and honey for naturally-glowing skin and fragrant smells.

Fresh Formulae is our own homegrown authentic and original formulation after careful and thoughtful research and experiments and testing on volunteers were done.

Fresh Formulae contains natural ingredients, plants and flowers carefully selected for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and pleasant fragrant smell to help everyone stay fresh amd healthy and look good all day

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